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Greg S. Murry

Crockett long rifle ® Davy Crockett

Greg S. Murry's mothers family founded America. We are arms makers, artist, authors, inventors and pioneers. In 1999, Greg established Leipers Fork flintlocks in the historic village of Leiper's Fork Tennessee where he created award winning fine art flintlock  rifles. Greg moved his shop to home sweet home in 2008 for a higher level of creativity and tranquility.


LT Andrew Crockett/Forge Seat. Brentwood Tennessee 1810 to 1826

Crockett long rifle ®. The only documented flintlock rifle with a Crockett rifle making family connection to the legendary frontiersman "Davy Crockett".  SIGNED S&AC WITH THEIR MAKERS MARK, DATED WITH LT. ANDREW CROCKETTS LETTER "C"  This historic rifle is one of only three known to have survived time.These rifles that were produced at Forge Seat played an important role in American history. The battle of King's Mountain, Andrew Jacksons victory in the battle of New Orleans "war of 1812", Defenders of Fort Chiswell and Fort Nashborough. Furthermore these rifles were crucial in the frontiersman struggle for subsistence and  defending themselves along the wilderness trail.


One of a kind, one at a time

These recreations of the S & A C flintlock rifle are hand made by Greg S. Murry. Greg delivers an exact copy of the original Crockett rifle with a certificate of authenticity documenting the reproductions serial number, along with a smoke print of the hand engraved reproduction stamping die of the signature on the original rifle.  The original S&AC signature and makers mark are not available for viewing. A thumb print of Greg S. Murry/rifle maker documents your rifle to be an original copy. 

Price List "Limited addition of 100"

All rifles are custom ordered with a 50% deposit required

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What I can do for you. "Limited addition of 100" in three variations.

Greg S. Murry will make a copy of the only documented muzzleloading rifle that has rifle making family connection to the legendary Davy Crockett. These reproductions are hand made in Greg's shop just like LT. Andrew Crockett taught his son Samuel Crockett lll and his grandson, Andrew Crockett lll to make them at Forge Seat Brentwood, Tennessee 1810 to 1826. 

If flintlock rifles are not your thing, My art medium (Steel Canvas fine art) that I created in 2001 might be what you have been looking for. "Face book it!"






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How to order a rifle

My shop is not open to the public. contact me for an appointment. Give me a holler by way of email or phone and we can work out the details. In order to get started all you need to do is let me know that you want on my order book. When I get close to your request, I will contact you. At that point a 50% deposit is required. 

News of epic perportion

Greg S. Murry is the first rifle maker to recreate LT. Andrew Crockett's rifle in two hundred and six years. This rifle that was made in 1811 at Forge Seat by Samuel Crockett lll and Andrew Crockett lll is Americas most documented muzzleloading rifle that has family connection to the legendary Davy Crockett,

Some of the most interesting FAQs

Question: Is this Davy Crockett's personal rifle?

Answer: No it is not. However LT Andrew Crockett's family is related to Davy Crockett.

Question: This rifle in the photographs is a percussion rifle, why do you call it a flintlock?

Answer: This rifle was made in 1811. At some point around 1830 or so it was converted from flintlock to percussion. being that it was originally a flintlock, I identify it as a Flintlock.

Question: Are these rifles real? 

Answer: Yes they are, especially when you are in the line of sights up to one hundred thirty yards. 

Question: How much time does it take to make one? 

Answer: $9,000.00 worth of my elbow grease and  time.

Question: Do you have a machine shop? 

Answer: No I dont, the only power tools in my rifle making shop are a band saw, two  drill presses and a grinder. I do have a welder and a plasma cutter but that is used for making my Steel Canvas art. All of my rifle work  is truly hand made.  

Question: Are the barrels riffled? 

Answer: Yes they are. My barrel maker Jason at Rice Barrel co. makes an exact copy of the original rifles barrel. The process hasn't changed other than using some electricity to power the tools. Other than that, the process is the same as it was in 1810/1826

Question: Do I need a permit or licensee to own a flint lock rifle?

Answer: In most states, no you dont. However some states are still restricting the ownership of fire arms just as King George did in the early colonization of the Americas. You and I will do our homework when you request a rifle to be made.

Question: Do I need fire arms training in order to shoot a flint lock rifle?

Answer: YES YOU DO! These flintlock rifles are primitive fire arms. Black powder is a highly explosive propellent. DANGER! Never use smokeless powder. Every owner of my flintlock rifle must sign a hold harmless waive

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Crockett long rifle ®

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